Our Mission

       The mission of Allied International Consultants (AIC) is to build a successful partnership with all its clients by following the most accurate and professional work rules in carrying out the activities entrusted to it in an integrated and sophisticated manner, while consolidating and promoting the culture of human capital.

Our vision

       To be a leader in offering a range of services to increase investment in human capital, create a climate of intellectual excitement, competition and partnership to contribute to the preparation of future leaders in various fields to promote a community of organizations and individuals with the inspiration and creativity and the qualifications and possibilities of high quality and value, Combined with achieving organizational excellence and maximizing human capital outcomes with business organizations.

Our commitment

       Allied International Consultants (AIC) is committed to providing high-quality services to match the quality of international standards and in line with the current development in all areas, through the use of carefully selected partners.

Our Value

  • Human capital is the foundation for success and sustainability
  • Work together to create greater value
  • Our clients are our partners in success

Our business area

       Allied International Consultants (AIC) directs most of its capabilities, expertise and resources to assist the officials in organizations to invest in human capital and development in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization and enable it to achieve competitive advantage in the context of a rapidly changing business environment through providing services in the following areas :

  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Outsourcing
  • HR
  • Technology